Peters & Love saved my family $30,000 - need I say more? When it became clear that our mother could no longer live at home, my brother and I were paralyzed by indecision, and unable to take time away from work to deal with the situation. We trusted Peters & Love to take care of everything, and they did! They found the perfect place for mom, coordinated all of the application paperwork, reviewed the contract and explained it to us, and then worked out a deal that saved us thousands of dollars. Their experience as marketers in a community was invaluable. Leslie and Jill’s expertise and compassion saved us money, time away from our work and families, and a lot of hassle. I can now rest easy knowing that Mom is now just a few miles away, living with excellent care and
Preston L.
Dallas, TX
Peters & Love helped our family explore a new living situation for my independent, 84-year-old mother. This eternally taboo subject became possible the moment Leslie and Jill joined the conversation. In person they are warm, compassionate, eager listeners, with great senses of humor that set my mom at ease. Their vast experience in elder care provided a depth of knowledge of both needs and options that would have taken us years to realize on our own. They created a plan for our family, most importantly engaging my mom in the process. We are forever grateful.
Julie F.
Los Angeles
Leslie Peters and Jill Love provide a much-needed service for seniors and their families. Their many years of experience in senior care give them a detailed knowledge of the physical, social and psychological needs, the services that are available, and how to know which level of care is needed for this population. They have lectured to my university classes in Gerontology and the students were enthralled by their brilliant, often-humorous presentations that were filled with case examples and a deep understanding of what it takes to improve the lives of aging adults. I highly recommend them as speakers and consultants in the area of senior care.
George L.
Sherman Oaks / licensed psychotherapist and college professor
Thanks to your due diligence, we were able to find the right agency and the right caregiver for my favorite aunt in Arizona. You made this easy when it should have been both time-consuming and difficult. Thanks for removing much of the uncertainty in the process and providing us so much peace of mind. We will recommend you to anyone we know!
Mike H.
As a full-time career woman with a young child and no siblings, I was completely overwhelmed by my mother’s recent health crisis. I didn’t know what to do or where to go for help. Leslie and Jill guided me through some very rough waters. Because of them, my mother got what she needed and I was able to keep my daughter and my work on track. I am eternally grateful for their insight, expertise, and genuine care.
Milly G.
Marina del Rey
Leslie and Jill got us through a confusing and, frankly, terrifying time. They helped us focus on an immediate solution to the most difficult issues. Then, once the dust settled, they worked with us to develop and implement a long-term plan. Before Peters & Love worked their magic, my husband and I were really at odds regarding the best way to handle the situation. I think I can credit Peters & Love with saving my marriage!
Amy Z.
Los Angeles
After my mother passed away, I was desperate to find a good living situation for my dad. I was at my wit’s end and you provided the perfect solution. Now I can sleep at night! I never could have done this without you. All I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you!
Lori C.
Dallas, TX



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