What is senior care consulting?
If you suddenly decided to become a body builder, you’d be wise to hire a trainer to coach you and prevent you from injuring yourself. If you were getting married, you might hire a wedding planner to manage the project, minimize stress, and help you take care of all the details. If you decided to climb Mt. McKinley, you would hire a Sherpa to guide you through your adventure. As senior care consultants, we act as trainers, planners, and guides. We work with our clients to educate them about the world of senior care, help them evaluate their options, and offer customized recommendations based on our years of experience and the research we have done. We help our clients make the very best decisions they can, so that they can have peace of mind about them. You will find a more complete list of our list of services here.
Why should I pay you when there are free placement agencies out there?

In large part, it was our experience with certain placement agencies that led us to start this company. We agreed from the start that providing unbiased recommendations was of paramount importance to our clients and to us. Placement agencies receive referral fees from communities once their clients move there. That means that the agencies will only send you to the facilities with which they have contracts, which means that their recommendations are inherently biased. You can trust that when we give you a recommendation it represents what is best for you – not for us.

Since we do not depend on facilities to pay us, we can help our clients no matter what their situation and preferences dictate. What would a placement agency do if you wanted to stay home? What if you needed skilled nursing recommendations? (Medicare prohibits referral fee payments for placement in skilled nursing facilities.) We aren’t limited in the way those placement agencies are, so we can help you no matter what your need may be.

At Peters & Love, we take pride in providing excellent customer service to our clients. Whether we give just a little bit of guidance or walk you through the entire process of finding the right care for your loved one, we will be objective advocates for you and your family.

What special knowledge or skills could Peters & Love bring to my family’s situation?

Together, we have spent over a decade working in senior care; therefore, we are able to evaluate service providers, communities, and skilled nursing facilities with an insider’s perspective. We used to be in marketing, so we know how to look past the “spin.” Jill has her Residential Community For the Elderly (RCFE) license, which means she is qualified to run a retirement community. Her understanding of state regulations allows her to assess situations with yet another set of criteria in mind. Although we both have Master’s degrees in other disciplines (business and communications), we decided to go back to school and are currently finishing up our Master’s degrees in Gerontology at the USC Davis School of Gerontology. We have learned about many topics related to senior care, including demographic trends, common health conditions/concerns among older adults, and government policies that affect the type of care that is available to our loved ones. We apply all this information and experience to every client interaction, saving you the time and stress of taking a crash course in gerontology.

Our families are also facing senior care issues, so we know a little bit about what it’s like to be in your shoes. Let’s face it, though: Working with seniors isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. We love it, we’re passionate about it, and we would be honored to help you and your family.

Can’t I just get all the information I need on the Internet?

Doing senior care research on the Internet is like drinking water from a fire hose. It’s overwhelming! How do you know if the information you find is accurate and relevant to your situation? How do you know if you’ve found a reputable service provider? How do you know when to stop looking? If you have the time and interest to do all of the research on your own, that’s great. If you’d rather spend your time doing other things, you can let hire us and put our years of research and first-hand experience to work for you.


Why are you in this business?

We’ll admit it: We’re snobs. We saw a need for excellent, concierge-type service to help evaluate any and all possible care options, distill the information, and then guide our clients through their transition. We didn’t see anyone providing this service in the way we’d want to experience it, so we decided to do it ourselves.

I don’t want to put my loved one in a “home.” Can you still help?

Absolutely! Care communities are only one option in a sea of senior care choices. While we might have certain recommendations based on your loved one’s needs, we can research a variety of care solutions. Because we never take referral fees from communities, we are able to formulate plans that meet the specific needs and desires of our clients, not our own. We can make recommendations ranging from home care to retirement communities, all the way to skilled nursing when necessary. (Referral agencies can’t work with skilled nursing facilities due to Medicare regulations. We can.)

If I decide to work with you, what is your process?

We start with a complimentary 30-minute consultation. This is our opportunity to get a sense of the situation and how we can best help you. Once we have all the information we need, we formulate 2-3 service package options, which range from basic to comprehensive. Once everyone agrees on the course of action, we send out our Statement of Work (our contract). Once that is signed, we get to work.

How much does this cost?

It varies depending on the scope of services we provide. For senior care consulting, we bill at a rate of $250/hour, and have a one-hour minimum. For care management, we bill at a rate of $200/hour. Service packages start at $750 and go up from there, depending on the services we provide.

My loved one doesn’t live in Los Angeles. Can you still help?

Yes! We have helped many clients outside the greater Los Angeles area, and we can travel to tour communities, interview service providers, and facilitate family meetings. We can also conduct research on your behalf from a distance. We’d love to talk with you more about your specific situation to see how we can help.

I don’t live in the area, but my parents do. How can you help?

We can be your surrogate sisters if necessary, being your eyes and ears when you can’t be there. We have clients who live on the East Coast, and we provide them with regular updates regarding their parents’ wellbeing and changing needs. We can attend doctor appointments with your parents, interview service providers, and do other research on your behalf. Or, we can set up meetings for you so you can maximize your time when you come to visit. It’s up to you and your loved ones. We both live far from our parents, so we always keep in mind what we’d want to know if we were in our clients’ shoes.


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