We Can Help You Navigate Senior Care

Feeling Overwhelmed?

For most people, navigating the world of senior care is confusing and overwhelming. In the midst of momentous change in your family, how do you determine what the best course of action is, whom to talk to about it, and whom you can trust? Senior care can be a daunting and sensitive subject to tackle. Many people avoid thinking about it until they are forced to do so by a change in the physical or mental condition of someone they love. As much as everyone wants to find the very best care options for their loved ones, many people simply don’t have the time to sift through mountains of information, tour communities, or interview caregiving agencies. We can help you.

How We Help

Peters & Love is a senior care consulting firm that offers customized guidance for our clients and their loved ones. We provide individuals with relevant information based upon their specific needs to make their process as simple and efficient as possible. We look beyond the clinical to understand the greater context: family dynamics, emotional responses to loss and transition, legal and financial concerns, and lifestyle preferences. We aim to be a source of clarity, support, and relief to our clients. We are here to handle the practical aspects of your particular situation, so that your focus can stay where it belongs.

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